Interested in a career at IP Payments?

At IP Payments we embrace diversity and are constantly looking at new ways to enhance the workplace providing a great work/life balance.

Our culture statement is important to us and gives you a good insight into our shared beliefs:

  • We encourage ownership, risk awareness, accountability, responsibility, autonomy, innovation and results.
  • Our behaviour must be honest, ethical, professional, proactive and client focused.
  • We don’t accept and will always challenge laziness, politics, selfishness, negative attitudes, superiority and poor client outcomes

Yes we have the foosball, air hockey and wacky days at the office but these are not what make a company culture.


The company culture statement highlights the core principles and values we live by.

The people at IP Payments are our work family, each with individual interests they bring to the workplace. There is the running group for those with energy to burn, the families who look forward to the annual IPP family Christmas Getaway, the ballet dancers and soccer players, gaming geeks and party animals. For those who prefer the biscuit eaters club there’s an endless supply in the communal kitchen space.


At IP Payments we look for people who are great at what they do but are humble. They will roll up their sleeves and get into it while sharing accomplishments with the team. As a group we make stuff happen!

We do not use recruitment agencies so please email your resume through if you believe you have the right culture and skill fit for IP Payments. We accept resumes from interested parties at any time as you never know when the next position will come about.

Current employment opportunities

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