Case studies

International healthcare insurance


Our close involvement with this company saw a tokenised solution being developed and implemented within a six month period. This company’s main concern was to ensure they were taking the right steps to becoming PCI compliant both now and in the future. We were able to seamlessly adapt to the project management approach of the company, which aided in the quick resolution of any issues encountered. This included communicating and working with a third party testing team…


Industry: Insurance
Topics: PCI-DSS, vendor selection, batch payment, credit card migration, tokenisation



Suffering from inefficient credit management and treasury, L’Oreal chose us to help them reduce their costs and improve customer satisfaction by implementing the SIPP (Statement and Invoice, Presentment and Payment) solution. We ensured that the solution integrated with L’Oreal’s SAP-based business system so that customers could be electronically presented with their statements, credit notes, invoices and selected business documents. L’Oreal instantly experienced the results they had been after…

Industry: Cosmetics & beauty
Topics: Integration, PCI-DSS, vendor selection, cashflow, DSP, e-billing, presentment

 Mobile bill payment solution in the banking industry



Supporting this banking group back in 2012 saw the first PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant mobile bill payment solution launched in Australia. To ensure the cloud-based solution was flexible, many stages of testing were undertaken, and a full disaster recovery plan implemented and tested prior to going live. We worked closely with the banking group to deliver this solution on a tight deadline through effective and collaborative project management, while managing both parties’ governance and risk frameworks…



Industry: Financial Services
Topics: Banking, integration, mobile, PCI-DSS, vendor selection


Quickflix logo


When we partnered with Quickflix to provide them with a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payments solution, there were many factors that affected its development. However, Quickflix’s main concern was that the solution would maintain customer confidence in online payments, whilst enabling new payment and distribution channels and conforming to specific industry standards. The iFrame and tokenisation solution was implemented within just one month across internet, mobile and Sony PlayStation®3…

Industry: Online retailer
Topics: Mobile, PCI-DSS, vendor selection, credit card migration, tokenisation

 United Payments


United Payments realised that they needed to provide small businesses that use their services with merchant payment facilities that remained affordable over time. They selected us as their partner in the development of such as solution. United Payments already had the idea for a solution and we helped them implement it in a four month period, ensuring it would be possible to improve or upgrade the payments solution system without interruption. All in all, United Payments’ customers are happy with their services…


Industry: Online retailer
Topics: Mobile, PCI-DSS, vendor selection, IVR

 20th Century Fox



When 20th Century Fox had us implement the SIPP (Statement and Invoice, Presentment and Payment) solution to their company, they had realised that their customers wanted to become more self-sufficient through the payment options available to them. The company was experiencing long lags on their outstanding invoices as well as a lot of time spent on administration duties that could be better used elsewhere. Implemented in just 10 weeks, the company significantly improved their cashflow in the solution’s first year…



Industry: Entertainment & film
Topics: Integration, vendor selection, cashflow, DSO, e-billing, presentment


logo_73355_professionalsCollecting and receipting payments in the real estate industry can be a time-consuming and costly task. So, when Professional Real Estate Group began looking for a preferred payment platform supplier, the iPayRent product, powered by IP Payments’ was a clear choice. Providing a range of benefits to the Professional Real Estate franchises, IP Payments has been able to save offices..

Industry: Real Estate
Topics: Payment systems, direct debit, tenant arrears




Blackbaud needed a payment solution that could integrate with various platforms used by not-for profit organisations to collect donations. IP Payments were able to provide them with just what they needed, a bank agnostic platform that saw a smooth implementation for over 170 not-for-profit organisations, while developing beneficial, long-term relationships. Recognising and addressing challenges at the beginning of the relationship was a vital step…

Industry: Not-for-profit
Topics: PCI-DSS, credit card, decline rates