Batch payment


IP Payments’ batch payment solution enables a customer to upload a batch of credit card, direct debit or token based payments for processing.  It supports dynamic and automated management of exceptions hence reducing your management effort.

IP Payments has designed one of the most advanced, functionally rich yet simple batch payment solution available. IP Payments’ batch payment solution is capable of processing transaction volumes for the most demanding merchants with utmost accuracy and speed.

The solution is very flexible in every sense of the word consuming your current file format and output result files to match, ensuring little or no development effort on the client side. Batch files are securely delivered to IP Payments either via the API or by being uploaded through its administration platform, PRM. No installation of client side software is required in either case.

Capabilities include:

  • Dual authorisation support (one staff member prepares the batch file and another authorises processing)
  • Full process automation support
  • Automatic reporting and notification on batch processing
  • Credit card and direct debit support
  • Real-time batch file status monitoring
  • Batch file validation routine with variable threshold file rejection function
  • Maintenance of a complete batch file history
  • Management of simultaneous batch uploads
  • Batch processing queues multi-threading

Want to learn more about batch processing or have a chat with one of our payment experts? Contact our team, they will be happy to help you.